State Democratic head walks back controversial In-N-Out tweet. ‘There is no boycott’

California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman drove into Fresno on Monday, where he attended a Labor Day breakfast and addressed his recent tweet about boycotting fast food chain In-N-Out.

Bauman made little mention of his tweet during his short speech to the hundreds at the Fresno Fairgrounds for an event organized by the Central Labor Council.

But he did speak afterward about it.

“There is no boycott,” Bauman said. “I put one tweet out at 10:30 at night and it turned into a whole thing. We’ve raised so much money in small donations as a result of that one tweet and so many people have engaged with that tweet, almost a million people, so it’s amazing how it became this big boycott.”

Bauman tweeted from his account on Wednesday, using the hashtag #BoycottInNOut and sharing info about the fast food chain’s $25,000 donation to the GOP.

Earlier this week, the state party’s communications director said that the boycott was Bauman’s personal view, and was not being taken as an official stance.

“Chair Bauman’s personal tweet reflects his belief that he shouldn’t support companies that support the Trump agenda,” John Vigna said in a statement.

Bauman seemed not to be taking the tweet seriously, either. He said he wasn’t even personally boycotting the fast food restaurant.

“Are you kidding me?” Bauman said, laughing. “I’m gonna buy my staff In-N-Out burgers to celebrate our victory.”