Merced School District showcases Summer Academy student projects

Merced City School District students showed off their work from the district’s Summer Academy to family members in Merced on Thursday.

According to a Merced City School District news release, close to 1,000 students in transitional kindergarten through eighth grade, worked to improve their skills in subjects including math, science, reading, writing, foreign languages and coding over the past four weeks.

During their time in the Summer Academy, students had the opportunity to work on projects that allowed them to design toys, conduct experiments, create art and build solar cars. They also worked on projects designed to spread kindness and build character, according to the school district.

Student Albertano Laguna explained how the summer classes have helped prepare him for the jump from elementary school to middle school.

“It is really helping me out, and I feel like I’m going to probably do better in the seventh grade,” said Albertano .

According to the district, summer classes were held at Stowell Elementary, Givens Elementary and the district’s STEAM Center. All three of the sites hosted showcases Thursday prior to the final day of the summer session on Friday.

“I love the Summer Academy because I was learning a new language, and it was fascinating to learn all about the culture of my language and the history,” said fourth grader Missy Ibrahimi.

The Summer Academy can also provide additional training opportunities for the teachers who analyze student work, prepare lessons and collaborate with one another to improve their skills, according to the school district.