Merced County Courthouse Museum exhibit to celebrate 100 year anniversary of MID

An exhibit recognizing the Merced County Irrigation District’s 100th year anniversary will be on display at the Merced County Courthouse Museum later this year, according to the MID and the Merced County Historical Society.

The exhibit will tell the story of the Merced Irrigation District’s formation and its evolution during the past 100 years, according to a news release.

The celebration and exhibit will be open to the public beginning Nov. 7, the group’s the 100th anniversary

“We are very excited about this exhibit. Water sustains our county’s farms, ranches, and families. There is a rich history to share with local residents and visitors about the pioneers in irrigation - a story of vision, trial, persistence and triumph,” said Courthouse Museum Director Sarah Lim.

Since its formation 100 years ago, the MID said it now provides irrigation water to about 2,200 growers in eastern Merced County as well as non-profit public electricity to about 10,000 commercial and residential customers.

“This is such a monumental, historical event,” said Merced Irrigation District General Manager John Sweigard.