Merced farm earns pesticide residue free certification

Abbate Farms in Merced has earned pesticide residue free certification from third-party certifier Scientific Certifications Systems of Emeryville for a variety of vegetable crops.

The certification indicates that the crops were independently field sampled and lab tested and shown to have no detected pesticide residues.Abbate Farms offers certified parsley, leeks, broccoli, chard and dandelions and is seeking certification for a second group of crops including bell peppers, onions, watermelons, eggplants and more.

The certification process involves full disclosures of growing practices, informed field sampling, and extensive lab testing to ensure the produce has no detected pesticide residues, based on government-defined “limit of detection” testing protocols (generally set at a level of 0.01 parts per million). This level of purity is more stringent - up to 1,000 times - than required by law.

-- Sun-Star staff