Do you like winning at Monopoly? Now you can build hotels on ‘Downtown Atwater’

Atwater fans of the iconic Monopoly game can now enjoy the long grind of buying property and bankrupting opponents with familiar names and places.

A board game company that exclusively makes Monopoly-based games for Walmart launched Atwater-opoly last month in Merced County with the likes of Boardwalk, Reading Railroad and the jail replaced with Downtown Atwater, Bellevue Road and a “Traffic Jam,” according to a news release.

This Monopoly-based boardgame, Atwater-opoly, was released for purchase at the Atwater Walmart in April 2019, according to a news release from Cincinnati-based game creator Late for the Sky. Courtesy Late for the Sky

The board game, available exclusively at the Atwater Walmart, 800 Commerce Ave., contains several Atwater landmarks, including the Castle Air Museum, Veterans’ Memorial Park and Applegate Ranch Shopping Center.

Cincinnati-based Late for the Sky produced the board game and has made similar games on themes such as animals, colleges and zombies, the release states. It has also made “opoly” games of several California cities, including Fresno, Clovis and Modesto, spokesperson Jessica Staub said.

The game is available at the Atwater Walmart for $19.98.

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