Merced County Sheriff’s SWAT team arrests Atwater man with multiple criminal charges

The Merced County Sheriff’s SWAT team arrested a 25-year old Atwater man who had a warrant out for his arrest with a long list of criminal charges, including assault with a deadly weapon.

Fredie Castillo turned himself into officers without incident outside of his residence just after 5 p.m. Thursday at 1171 Kelso Street in Atwater, according to Merced County Sheriff Lt. Jeff Coburn.

Officers were serving an arrest warrant for multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, spousal abuse, brandishing a firearm and stalking.

“Because of the suspect’s history and the potential for him possessing a firearm we activated the SWAT team,” Coburn said. “Everything went smoothly and nobody was hurt.”

Coburn said information from their investigative unit led to locating Castillo at the Kelso Street residence.

When the SWAT team arrived on Thursday evening, some of Castillo’s relatives were outside of the residence. They were detained and debriefed about the situation, and confirmed that Castillo was inside the residence.

Officers used the PA system on the cars to give verbal commands to Castillo to surrender. According to Coburn, after about 5 minutes, Castillo exited the residence and turned himself in.

“He was taken into custody without incident and the rest of his family was released,” Coburn said.

Castillo will be booked into the Merced County Jail.