Merced police write 25 tickets in 45 minutes at one neighborhood stop sign, video shows

Merced police posted a video on Facebook on Thursday showing driver after driver run a stop sign in a northern neighborhood.

Officers handed out 25 tickets over 45 minutes for drivers who failed to stop at the corner of San Jose Avenue and Round Hill Drive, according to the post.

Sgt. Dan Dabney stifles a laugh as he describes the cars running stop signs as he stands at the corner filming it. He’s not in uniform as a musical score swells in the background.

“As you just saw, while I’m standing here filming this, he just failed to stop at the stop sign,” he says in the video.

Police staked out the corner after a resident sent in a video showing the repeated traffic violation, Dabney said. He asked residents to continue to send in similar requests.

“Merced, this is a serious problem. We need your help to curtail these accidents,” he said. “You can help by simply stopping at the stop signs.”