Bus driver calls woman a ‘crazy driver,’ sparking wild D.C. road rage attack, video shows

An Audi driver was barreling through the streets of Washington, D.C., on Thursday when a Greyhound bus driver confronted her — sparking a chaotic road rage incident that was caught in a 2-minute video.

“You’re a crazy driver, you need to get off the road,” the bus driver said to the woman in the Audi around 6 p.m., as they were both stopped on Bladensburg Road, according to a police report.

But then the situation really got crazy.

The driver went to her gold Audi’s trunk, pulled out a wooden baseball bat and started smashing it into the windshield of the Greyhound, police said. Soon the woman returned to the trunk of her car to get a car jack instead — which she used to smash the driver’s side window of the bus, video shows.

The driver got out of the bus and positioned himself in front of the woman’s Audi so she couldn’t drive away, video shows.

It didn’t stop the woman, though.

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She simply drove the car into the bus driver, sending him up onto the hood of her car, video shows. Witnesses shouted at the woman in the background.

“She’s going to f-----g jail,” one woman can be heard saying in the video.

“Leave him alone,” another witness said, as the person recording the video got off the bus to capture the scene from the outside.

Outside, a man tried to calm the woman, and tried to get the bus driver out of harm’s way. But the woman kept trying to drive off, video shows.

“He f---ed up my whole car,” the woman said in the video.

Eventually the Audi driver sped away — but the bus driver was still on the hood, until he tumbled off in the middle of an intersection, video shows.

Bystanders questioned why the bus driver kept blocking the woman’s car and putting himself in danger.

“She was gonna get away with it,” he told them, video shows.

The incident left the driver with a bruised and scratched elbow, and with pain in his hips, the police report said.

The bus driver had been trying to call police as he was standing in front of the woman’s car, the police report said.

On Thursday, D.C. police Tweeted video of the attack and said that they have identified a suspect in the incident. Authorities said the investigation is ongoing.

Greyhound said that the passengers on the bus were arriving in D.C. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, WUSA reports. Following the road rage incident, they made it to the bus stop at Union Station.

The incident had begun with the Audi driver illegally passing and sideswiping another vehicle, according to the police report.

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