Snake seen slithering under gas pump screen as Kansas woman fills up car, video shows

This might be scarier than high prices at the gas pump.

A woman in Gardner, Kansas, was going to fill up her tank last week when a snake slithered under the screen of the pump, video shows.

At first, Holly Malkames thought the snake wasn’t real — or at least she tried convincing herself it was fake, she told McClatchy news group. Perhaps it was a piece of rubber melding around the screen or an “awfully cruel” prank video the gas station was playing on the electronic screen, she thought.


The snake’s head then appeared under the screen, confirming her fears, Malkames said.

“I knew it was real then so I grabbed my phone to take the video,” Malkames told McClatchy. “I didn’t think my friends would believe me. Plus, I wanted to show the attendants inside so they could do something to get the snake out.”

By the time Malkames pulled out her phone, the snake’s body was crossing the screen and wriggling forward as it struggled to reach a larger area inside the pump, video shows. Finally, the snake must have found an opening because it then appears to easily slither out of sight and disappear, video shows.

All the while, Malkames kept filling up her gas tank, video shows.

Malkames said the gas station had removed the snake by noon the next day. She shared a picture of it on Facebook.

Holly Malkames, who took a video of a snake under a gas pump screen in Gardner, Kansas, said the station had removed it a day later. Photo from Holly Malkames.

Although Malkames says its head looks the same as the snake she saw under the screen, the body appears to be much smaller. She thinks perhaps the snake was squished or the Plexiglas magnified it.

Or maybe a baby snake got caught and the mother was never found, she said.

Among the hundreds of comments on her Facebook post were technicians who said they’ve found snake and mice nests while working on ATMs and gas pumps, Malkames said.

“Can you imagine if that was the baby they got out and what I saw was the mama snake in the screen?” Malkames said.

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Chacour Koop is a Real-Time reporter based in Kansas City. Previously, he reported for the Associated Press, Galveston County Daily News and Daily Herald in Chicago.