Buhach Colony coach stopped a man from hitting a woman, a great life lesson for his team

Matt Granado, Buhach Colony
Matt Granado, Buhach Colony

Matt Granado will be the head football coach for Buhach Colony High School’s freshman team this fall. But he has already given the players one of the the best life lessons they could receive.

Granado was at Disneyland in Anaheim last weekend with his family and was enjoying Toontown when he came upon a disturbance. He saw a man hitting a woman and others scuffling on the pavement. “There’s kids around, there’s family around, and I believe nobody should ever put their hands on a woman,” Granado told the Sun-Star’s Shawn Jansen.

So Granado jumped in to pull the man away from the woman. He was calm, and his actions were defensive, not aggressive, unlike the combatants.

A few other men joined in as well, and ultimately managed the get the main perpetrator away from the women he was in a dispute with. For much of the time, the man stomps around, yelling. Granado repeatedly tries to calm the man down. Anaheim police later said the people were all family members; the Orange County District Attorney’s Office will decide if charges will be filed.

The suspects subsequently tried to deny any fight broke out, but a video posted to YouTube showed it all.

Granado was wearing a black Buhach Colony team shirt and gray BC hat, and that got him worried that somehow his bosses at the campus would be upset to see him in the video, especially with the gear on. He just finished his first year of teaching math.

Granado texted head football coach Kevin Navarra, who told him not to worry. “You did a stand-up thing.”

Navarra told Jansen how obvious it was that Granado took action to defuse the altercation while other people simply stood around. “We as coaches try to emphasize to our players about being young men and being good citizens,” Navarra said.

On that basis, Granado earned an A-plus for walking the walk — and his incoming players will know it.

Those athletes will be fortunate to have Matt Granado lead them this season. With his top-notch character, shown in the most public of settings when he did not seek it, Granado no doubt will have more life lessons to impart.