Letters to the Editor

Theron Sanders Sr.: Atwater salaries driving city into financial crisis

Another crisis is on the horizon for little Atwater; as always, it’s all about finances. For the last seven years, City Hall has been scratching its head in an attempt to address its continuing financial problems.

The current plan of more spending and taxation is not working. Now, with looming pension obligations set to rocket up under the city’s government employee retirement plan, panic is setting in. The finger pointing is being directed at CalPers, the government retirement agency. However, it’s Atwater’s generous salaries and retirement policies that are to blame . For example, according to Transparent California the total salary and benefits paid in behalf of a full-time, rookie Atwater police officer exceeds $117,000 a year. The total tab for a senior sergeant is $170,000.

CalPers only bills to cover the golden retirement plans that cities dish out. So Atwater leaders, your choice is simple: pay up, shut up, or stop giving away the city’s treasury.

Theron Sanders Sr., Atwater