Letters to the Editor

John Mussotto: It’s not because they’re ‘millennials,’ it’s because Merced County doesn’t pay

Re “Millennials to blame for deputy shortage, county CEO says” (Front Page, June 21): When I read this article I am glad I was sitting down or I would have fallen over. This man epitomizes the word “clueless,” as do most overpaid CEOs. Sitting in their ivory towers they look down on their minions and rule with ignorance. This man is one of the top-paid CEOs in the state and earns $100k more a year than the governor and has the gall to say deputies are leaving or not applying because they are millennials and not because of the pay? WTH?

I worked for the Sheriff’s Department for 35 years and not once did I hear anyone say they were leaving because they were a millennial. They left because of better pay or better benefits, period! I got so sick of hearing how we needed to pay top dollar for a CEO to run this podunk county. Pay the people who really run it more money and do away with this practice.

John Mussotto, Merced