Letters to the Editor

Justina Felix and Celeste Ramos: FDA must regulate all tobacco products, including e-cigs

Re “Liquid nicotine poisoning on rise” (Page A1, April 10): Thank you very much for your article on e-cig poisoning. It’s no surprise we are seeing this alarming rise in poisonings among children, given this unregulated market. E-cigarette companies use candy flavors and cartoon ads to lure and addict children. These companies, many owned by “Big Tobacco,” are marketing their products using cartoon characters (Hello Kitty).

These products emit aerosols, which are hardly harmless; they contain at least 10 chemicals on California’s Prop 65 list known to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.

In 2014, for the first time, teen use of e-cigarettes surpassed traditional cigarettes. Research points to young e-cigarette users being far more likely to start using traditional cigarettes.

The state Department of Public Health declared e-cigarettes a community health threat and have launched an ad campaign to educate and help protect Californians from this growing public health threat. See www.stillblowingsmoke.org

We’re up against an escalating public health threat in the fight against tobacco. The tobacco companies aggressively marketing e-cigarettes stand to addict new generations to these new types of products and increase the risk of poisonings. Join with us in calling on the FDA to regulate all tobacco products, including e-cigs and cigars.

Justina Felix, American Lung Association in California

and Celeste Ramos, Merced County Tobacco Control Coalition,

Merced/Mariposa County Asthma Coalition