Letters to the Editor

Sick of paying taxes, I will be voting Yes on Proposition 6

Re “Prop. 6 will cost us more than a few pennies” (Page 7A, Aug. 4): It’s apparent the Merced Sun-Star Editorial Board loves taxes and doesn’t mind paying the extra 12 cents per gallon that Jerry Brown forced on us. California’s taxes are among the highest in the nation. Anyone who has spent time outside of California has seen the roads are better in most cases and the gas is cheaper and so is auto registration.

California politicians need to stop taking money from transportation funding and using it for wasteful projects and social programs. Instead spend that money on what it was intended for, roads and highways. I am sick of paying higher taxes and will be voting yes on Proposition 6.

David Mazzei, Merced

Editor’s note: An analysis by the Legislative Analysts Office shows the state excise tax on gasoline (18 cents per gallon) is spent exclusively on state and local highway projects. A second tax, called the Variable Swap Rate, amounts to 9.8 cents per gallon and is divided among cities and counties (44 percent), state transportation improvement programs (44) and State Highway Operation and Protection programs (12 percent). No funds collected from these fuel taxes are spent on programs not related to transportation. SB1, which would be repealed under Proposition 6, requires all gas taxes to be spent on public road projects with all documentation available to the public.