Letters to the Editor

Letters: Heard how bad DMV has gotten? Don’t believe it in Merced

DMV wasn’t good, it was great

I recently visited the Merced DMV to renew my driver’s license. I had heard of a number of problems at DMV offices, so I wasn’t looking forward to the visit. To my pleasant surprise, it was a very positive experience. There was no waiting, the staff was efficient and accommodating and I was in and out in an hour. The license arrived by mail in a week. Kudos to the DMV for the best visit I’ve had in the 60-plus years I have been dealing with them.

Jimmy Mount, Merced

Atwater makes right choice

The City of Atwater finally got it right, after cycling through five city mangers in the last 26 months. The city council selected the hardest working, most dedicated employee on their staff – Lori Waterman. Previously the interim city manager, she has been appointed to the job permanently.

As been their habit of opposition to progress, Mayor Jim Price and Councilman Jim Vineyard cast their usual no votes. They loudly complained that Waterman lacks a four-year college degree, conveniently forgetting their support for the previous city manager, who had no degree at all. They might be unaware of Facebook and Apple, both multi-billion dollar companies founded by college drop-outs Mark Zimmerman and Steve Jobs.

Waterman’s work ethic alone is astonishing. She works 12-hour days, returning email messages late in the night and demonstrates laser focus on every issue brought before her. So far, Lori’s performance is the likes of which Atwater has not seen in years!

Fred Warchol, Atwater