Letters to the Editor

Atwater students are counting on your ‘yes’ vote to build a new school

Measure E will create new school our kids deserve

It’s an exciting time in Atwater Elementary School District, one of 22 Exemplary School Districts in California – and Measure E, an important ballot measure coming to voters November 6, is needed to provide space for our surging enrollment.

Measure E is a $20 million school improvement bond which, when passed, will qualify the district to apply for state funding for the project as a local match is required. These funds, together with the contribution of funds saved and set aside by the District each year, will give our students room to grow and maintain our “Tradition of Excellence.”

Our Atwater community has been very supportive of Atwater Elementary School District. We are grateful for the support, and proud of all we’ve accomplished together. Our board members have worked together to make courageous fiscal decisions on facilities for safety and housing for our growing student population. We have had years of top-notch audits and have worked hard to be transparent and to build an amazing trust with our community.

Now is the time to support Atwater Elementary School District with much-needed funding to build a new school. AESD students are counting on your yes vote for Measure E.

Dr. Sandra Schiber, Superintendent