Letters to the Editor

Kavanaugh being treated unfairly by Democrats

Democrats denying judge due process

I find it ironic that the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice is being opposed by Democrats arguing for the suspension of due process and our fundamental constitutional principles. These are the very type of people for which our Constitution is designed to protect us. It also makes you wonder what kind of judge they would find acceptable for the court.

Dan McLeod, Merced

We’re selling bombs that kill kids

On Aug. 9, a guided bomb was dropped on a school bus in Yemen by the Saudi Air Force, killing 40 children as well as a number of non-combatant adults. The bomb was “precision guided” yet landed on a school bus.

This was not a “one-off” mistake. The Saudis have embarked on a terror-bombing campaign in Yemen, which has resulted in an estimated 10,000 civilian casualties since 2015. Yemen is now regarded as the scene of the worst human-caused disaster in the world. The guided bomb, as is the case with virtually all Saudi military equipment, was manufactured in the U.S.

Now we learn that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has overridden concerns of his advisers to insist the sales of such weapons to the Saudis continue, because they are seen as a smart move to help curry favor with the Saudi regime. (Think oil.)

It’s foolish to think people around the world, including Muslims, who tend to regard the U.S. as a beacon of liberty, will not be shocked and appalled by our support for the Saudi’s bloody air campaign. It is equally foolish to think one way or another our material support for this terroristic campaign will not eventually result in bad consequences for the U.S. Our people, and our leaders would do well to consider Thomas Jefferson’s words: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

Peter Lizdas, Merced