Letters to the Editor

Some former Air Force bases are flying high. Why not Castle?

Mather’s a success; why not Castle?

On Sept. 23, several friends and I took the two-hour drive and attended the Capitol Air Show at Mather Field, formerly Mather Air Force Base until it closed in 1993. This annual 2-day event attracted 130,000 spectators. Sponsored by Sacramento County, the city of Rancho Cordova and a number of private entities. The airshow was spectacular, featuring the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and showcasing current and WWII-era military aircraft. This event is a shining example of a focused, long-term effort and a well-executed reuse plan for economic development now entering its 25th year.

With Castle’s reuse plan continuing to struggle for 23 years, in our car-pool conversation we asked if Mark Hendrickson – with nearly 10 years under his belt as Merced County Economic Director – truly has the skills to move Castle forward? At his salary, we expect more.

Jarred Simmons, Atwater

Hey! Let’s invite Kim to Castle

The plan requires a flow of material and finished goods between the Port of Los Angeles and Castle Airport and a foreign investor with $2 billion. Recent news show President North Korea’s Kim Jong Un smiling and waving. He might be the perfect investor for us. He send us shiploads of lumber for our Popsicle-stick factory. People will not make fun of the Castle Commerce Center after they see our brilliantly crafted popsicle sticks!

GLD Partners is ramping up our 300 acre autonomous vehicle test track. This project may require all of the improved roads and streets at Castle and will seal them off with black fences. People doing business at Castle can park on the shoulder of Santa Fe, or charter helicopters and fly in.

We are fortunate to have a razor-sharp commerce department and county board of supervisors.

Robert Burgess, Merced