Letters to the Editor

Measure H gives council free hand with $2.5 million

Council has too much say on H

In 2004 we passed a half-cent sales tax to pay for police and fire protection. This was to build new stations and purchase vehicles and equipment. This is a continuous tax that will have no end, unless voted out by the people.

In 2009 we again voted to use half of the income from that measure (estimated at $2 million) to pay salaries until the year 2020.

Now our city is asking for another half-cent sales tax increase, amounting to approximately $2.5 million per year. Measure H will be on the Nov. 6 ballot and is a general fund sales tax that only the council (three member majority) can spend if it meets the vague parameters of, “Quality of Life.”

The public should have a say as to how this sales tax money is spent, and it should be specific to what people desire – not a sales tax that goes into the city’s general fund and spent any way three council members decide. Measure H is not the answer. It is not a specific tax for police and fire.

On Nov. 6, you will also see it’s possible for two council seats to change hands as well as our mayor. Three of the five city council seats are up election every two years.

So a general fund sales tax can be spent many different ways based on who wins every two years. Is that really what you want? Vote No on Measure H.

Kathy Ballard, Los Banos

Areias hands down best for board

This November, voters in Los Banos will be afforded the right to cast a vote for one school board candidate to represent their respective districts. In District 1, that person is Dennis Areias.

Having known Dennis and his family for many years, and having served on the board alongside him for more than 15 years, I know without a doubt he is the best candidate.

Dennis Areias has been a member of the Los Banos Unified School District Board of Trustees for 21 years. He knows and understands very well the critical aspects and tremendous responsibility of being a school board member. He takes the time to understand current issues and he listens to the community as well as staff to make knowledgeable, informed, fair and sustainable decisions for the community. Dennis understands the business history of the district and is equipped to move the district forward thoughtfully and carefully.

He takes his responsibilities seriously and approaches issues with vision, compassion and tenacity. Dennis knows the future of our 7,000 students and the greater community lies with its youth and the powerful impact Los Banos Unified School District has on them. Get behind the candidate who has been working hard for many years, and re-elect Dennis Areias.

Andree Soares, Los Banos