Letters to the Editor

When did the circus arrive in Atwater? Oh, that’s just city hall

Can we just move to Costa Rica?

I asked my wife, “Are we too old to move to Costa Rica?” She said yes. I’m an “old white man,” but those troglodites in the senate majority have put an indelible stain on the high court in a blatant abuse of power. They stalled Obama’s candidate, Merrick Garland, for 11 months. Then they obstructed the truth by handcuffing the FBI’s investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s conduct, ramming his confirmation through and putting all high-court matters squarely in the hands of big money for decades to come. And putting America a step closer to an imperial presidency.

With two accused abusers on the Supreme Court, we’re telling victims, “don’t bother speaking up, we don’t care.” Now watch the dominoes topple – civil rights, women’s rights, voter rights, Social Security, healthcare, public education, worker rights. We’re already in third-world territory by many “quality of life” standards. But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Chuck Acridge, Atwater

Chase clowns from Atwater city hall

As a 45-year resident of Atwater, I am disappointed in how my city is run. Here in Atwater, our finances are in shambles. Mayor Jim Price declares, if re-elected, he will go to Las Vegas and convince businesses to locate here! He should have done that in the last four years. I suspect Price’s trip will yield the same result as it does for most gamblers.

I am supporting Councilman Paul Creighton for mayor. He will be replacing a mayor who has driven Atwater into the ground, and, in the process alienated, many residents. I have faith in Creighton. His passion and love for Atwater is shown by untiring efforts to unite a dysfunctional government. I am convinced he will end the circus atmosphere at city hall. Join me in supporting Paul Creighton for mayor and bringing our city back from the brink.

Dave Cline, Atwater