Letters to the Editor

Joe Hoffar’s dedication to our community merits your vote

Want dedication? Then vote Hoffar for school board

For the past 24 years, I have known Joe Hoffar. During this time, I have admired his commitment to our community and its youth. , He protected our community for 22 yeras as an Atwater police officer and for 10 years more as a reserve officer. During his tenure with the Atwater police department, he became the first SRO at both Atwater and Buhach Colony High Schools.

Additionally, he was the PAL director for 13 years, where his efforts provided positive programs and opportunities for local youngsters.

More recently, Joe served as a trustee for the Atwater Elementary School District, resigning after he moved out of the district. After relocating, he ran for the McSwain School District Board, where he has served for the last two years.

His breath of knowledge from serving the community, schools and youth is a valuable commodity. Because of this, I strongly urge voters to re-elect Joe Hoffar to McSwain School District Board.

Andy Krotik, Atwater