Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Friday, Oct. 26, 2018

I support Dennis Areias for Los Banos Unified School Board, District 6. Starting in the classroom Dennis and his wife Kirsten have been active volunteers supporting our children for as far back as I can remember. Both have given their time to 4-H and FFA, teaching life skills and supporting youth leadership. They loan animals and space to children without resources, allowing them to participate fully.

Dennis and Kirsten are good parents, hard working entrepreneurs with their own dairy farm. Their strong values and work ethic make excellent examples. Owning a business, they understand fiscal responsibility and the wise use of tax dollars.

Dennis has served students and teachers well during good times and lean working with other board members and multiple superintendents to keep our district financially sound and able to serve the needs of our diverse student population. Multiple schools have been built, modernized and quality teachers hired in order to keep up with our growing community during the time Dennis has served on the board.

Though there is always room for improvement, I am proud of our school district. I am voting for Dennis Areias because I believe he is a big part of the goodness in our schools. I trust Dennis to continue to work hard for our students, to listen to parents, work with the other school board members, to work with the new superintendent and to listen to the community to improve and strive for excellence in our schools!

Harry Fawcett, Los Banos

Vote for Cates, but most of all, vote

Signs are up all over Los Banos trying to persuade people how to vote. I live in District 3, and even though both candidates for city council are nice, personable men, I urge you to vote for John Cates. John has been constantly active in a wide range of community projects since moving here almost three decades ago. He is chairman of the planning commission, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and on the board of the Los Banos Arts Council.

John knows how it feels to be a transplant, a commuter, a community member and a family man whose wife has taught in Los Banos Schools for over 25 years. John is thoughtful, a measured thinker and a good listener. I have known John Cates for 28 years and I feel passionately that he is the right man to be on the council. I hope you will vote for John Cates, but most of all I hope you will all come out and use the power of your vote.

Diana Ingram Thurston, Los Banos