Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | October 30, 2018

Jim Price is wrong for Atwater

Atwater is coming to a crossroad on Nov. 6. Should Jim Price be re-elected mayor? He has recklessly shot his rifle on the Castle flight line, disclosed confidential city documents and swallowed every tax increase put before him. He, along, with like-minded council challengers, Dan Hernandez and Don Hyler, are in lockstep. They work collectively to undermine city staff by attacking their competency and are not shy in promoting an increase in the city sales tax for another 25 years.

Their unrelenting attack on our city manager and city attorney is most shameful of all. So, it’s not surprising the Atwater Police Officers Union and CalFire Union have refused to endorse the above “gang of three.” Help is on the way with proven and tested leaders who will restore trust in city government. This election, I urge citizens to seize the opportunity and vote for the turnaround specialists – Danny Ambriz, Brian Raymond and Paul Creighton.

Fred Warchol, Atwater

Jim Price is right for Atwater

In the early 2000s Jim Price, as a citizen of Atwater, constantly attended council meetings. During public comment, he spoke about wages and benefits received by city staff. As years passed, he saw the general reserve fund diminishing. Through his efforts, in 2013 council members started giving up their wages and benefits. Over $1 million was collected in wages and benefits from the time Jim Price started his quest to the time the council volunteered to give them up.

In 2014 Price was elected mayor of Atwater. Through a 4-1 he was able to remove resolutions allowing the council to receive wages and benefits.

Through his perseverance and effort, he saved the city of Atwater a lot of money. This is the type person we need on the council. I have yet to hear anything from either Paul Creighton or Brian Raymond on their plans to save money. If you meet either of them, ask the question: What are you plans for the city. Neither has one. Better yet, ask what have you done for the city since being in office.

Keith Pelowski, Atwater

Don’t fall for the lies in Prop 11

Twenty years ago a wave of class-action lawsuits began to transform the restaurant industry, enforcing the law that said employees are entitled to breaks. Previously, restaurants acted above this law, bullying employees into signing agreements that forfeited breaks as condition of employment. That has since been deemed illegal.

Ambulance companies still consider themselves above this law. In lots of markets, ambulance companies work employees 24-hour shifts, with no scheduled breaks. The romance and pride of being emergency personnel is to blame for people accepting this kind of inhumane treatment.

Now, the ambulance industry is trying to use the proposition system to pass a law saying they are the sole industry to be exempt from this law. Outrageous.

The ambulance industry is trying to avoid paying past and current employees back pay for breaks they never received. This could be in the millions. That’s why they are buying ads trying to fool you into thinking this proposition will make you safer. It is a lie. Stand with EMTs, and vote no on Prop 11.

Eli Sachse, Merced

Heed planet ‘doctors’ warnings

Against overwhelming scientific evidence, the leadership of the Republican Party denies that human activity is both the cause of – and solution to – global warming. They are risking the future of the planet and their own children and grandchildren.

When global-warming deniers feel something is seriously wrong with their bodies, they go to those scientists who have earned degrees in medicine for information and treatment. If the vast majority of doctors tell them the same thing, it would be foolish to disagree. It would be more foolish to claim the diagnoses are based on political bias.

Climate scientists are the experts on climate change. To deny their findings is similar to denying your doctor’s advice.

By denying a doctors’ findings, deniers harm only themselves. But those who ignore the world’s climate scientists are putting all of us at risk. Donald Trump’s generation will have lived a full life by the time major devastation hits. They can afford to be selfish and cynical and remain in denial. The rest of us would be better off voting in the midterm election, as well as in 2020, against any politician unwilling to deal with global warming. The United Nation’s latest science-backed research says we must, and very fast.

Keith Law, Merced

Getting friendly at the Library

The Merced County Library gets by with a little help from our Friends ... actually, we get by with a lot of help from our Friends! Since 2014, the Friends of the Library groups from Merced, Atwater, Dos Palos, Gustine, Hilmar, Livingston and Los Banos have given over $150,000 to fund children’s programming, provide new furniture, contribute funding for landscaping, and purchase new library materials. In addition, the Friends have rallied countless times to support and advocate for library services.

This is the 13th annual National Friends of Libraries Week and a perfect opportunity to give our Friends a big shout-out for all they do to make a difference.

I know the Friends are always looking for new members and volunteers. They have so much fun while working to make our communities better. Contact your local library to find out when the next meeting takes place or to pick up a membership application.

Joining the Friends of the Library is a terrific way to make new friends, give back to our communities and make the Merced County Library even better.

Amy Taylor, Merced

County Librarian