Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018

Thanks for all the junk mail

I love it when these so-called smart politicians and organizations that send me all this junk mail two weeks before the election. “Vote for him” ... “Vote for her” ... “Vote no on this proposition” ... “Vote yes on that proposition.” I just love it!

The U.S. Postal Service collects money on the postage for all these fliers and those who print them do well. But let’s not forget the poor ol’ postal worker who must handle all that junk mail. You know they love it also. Don’t forget the recyclers of all that paper and the landfills you help fill.

I would like to hear about how you spent the money feeding the homeless or how you donated to your favorite charities or put it in the church offering plate. I voted by absentee ballot long before you sent out all this propaganda.

I’m also glad I have a mute button on my TV. Have a great day, and knock off all the junk mail.

Cecil Samples, Atwater

Heng’s ‘attack ad’ isn’t working

In a recent attack ad by Elizabeth Heng aimed at Rep. Jim Costa’s legislative record, she accuses (if that’s the right word) our congressman of supporting “Obamacare” – the Affordable Care Act, known in our state as Covered California. Which struck me as very strange, and probably an ill-advised move. The health care act passed during the Obama presidency, among other benefits, guarantees that people with pre-existing conditions can continue to have equal access to health insurance and that lifetime benefits on insurance cannot be capped at some arbitrary amount by insurance companies. Covered California is very popular in California, including in our congressional district. All I can say is, keep running that attack ad! Every time it airs, it wins more votes for Rep. Costa.

Peter Lizdas, Merced

Heng should show some gratitude

As a constituent of Congressional District 16, I have to express my disgust at the ads by Elizabeth Heng. She and her family have enjoyed many opportunities, in both education and business. These opportunities would not have been available without the work of legislators like Jim Costa. But through her campaign ads, she has attacked not only Costa’s record, but through innuendo, his gender and ethnicity. Costa la Vista?

Costa has served his district well for 40 years at the state and federal levels. All one has to do is compare Costa’s district with others in the Valley to see how effective he has been. He has worked hard for the farming community by sponsoring programs and tax incentives. He’s worked hard for our educational and cultural communities, veterans, health centers and the transportation system through bills he’s sponsored and/or voted for. He’s always had my vote, and I’m looking forward to more telephone town halls.

Ninette Bavaro-Latronia, Los Banos

Costa, a true friend of education

As a lifelong educator, I believe Rep. Jim Costa deserves the support of those who value the importance of education to our Central Valley. During his entire tenure as a public servant, Jim has been a champion for education. While serving in the state legislature and now in Congress, he supported legislation that benefited both Pre-K/12 and higher education. He is considered a friend of teachers, administrators, board members and parents. Not many elected officials can make that claim.

His championed the UC Merced campus, first in Sacramento then continued that effort when he went to Washington. In my tenure as president of Merced College, I could always call on Jim to act on our behalf. He fights for public policy that will benefit students. His advocacy around securing enough funding for federal financial aid Pell Grants will help our students reach their educational goals and dreams.

His success as a legislator is due to his willingness and ability to reach across the aisle and find common ground with members of the other party to craft solutions to complex problems. We need Jim Costa in Congress to continue working for the social and economic well-being of our region.

Benjamin T. Duran,

Executive Director, Central Valley Higher Education Consortium

Smith will bring our voice to board

Shane Smith is the clear choice to serve on Merced’s elementary school board. From what I hear within the community, parents aren’t being included or even heard by the current school board. Many are disappointed with past decisions the board has made. We need an accessible school board member like Shane who will actively solicit input from parents, teachers and residents so that we can be sure that the community’s priorities are represented in board decisions.

I have been amazed by the strong community turnout during Shane’s recent “listening tour” at local parks where he has spoken with residents about what they want for our schools. I’d say he is already well on his way to bringing the community’s voice back to our school board. Vote for Shane Smith for Merced City School District Board of Education, Area One.

Stephanie Jackson, Merced

Echevarria a man of values, morals

Fernando Echevarria is a voice for South Merced. His morals and values stated with passion and conviction for the people of Merced County. Candidate Echevarria wants and desires positive change for our future. Vote for Fernando Echevarria Nov. 6.

Kenny Roberts, Jr., Merced

He’ll give us a voice on Merced Council

Southwest Merced District 2 candidate Fernando Echevarria is our man. He will bring much needed improvement and a strong voice for all residents of South Merced. I urge all South Merced District 2 residents to vote for the man with a strong voice in local politics.

Maribel Romero, Merced