Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018

Consider parking in housing permits

The concept of “mother-in-law cottages” comes up from time to time. If they are properly permitted and done in a way that does not bother the neighbors, they are a good source of additional housing. My observation has been in denser neighborhoods, street parking becomes a problem. If there is no on-site parking for every resident over 16, then cars end up parked in front of neighbor’s houses – which causes hard feelings and leaves no parking for visitors. This should be considered when issuing the permit.

Maxwell Norton, Atwater

Trump makes us look weak

Donald Trump’s favorite trio of pejoratives – weak, sad, disgraceful – serve to describe our president’s reaction to the torture and murder of Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi-born journalist who was based in the U.S.

Weak, because, despite that the US is a vastly more powerful nation than Saudi Arabia and the Saudis need us more than we need them, Trump acts as if the U.S. were the weaker of the two. Sad because Trump’s boot-licking approach drags us down to that despotic regime’s depraved level – which involves torture, mutilation, terror and repression. Disgraceful because Trump’s incompetence and utter lack of skill in managing the relationship damages our nation’s prestige, interests and values.

It is small wonder that, taking all this into consideration, people all over this nation are asking serious questions about Trump’s personal and business relationships to the Saudi regime. What leverage do the Saudis have on Trump? What does he owe them? The American people demand answers! Between Trump and the Saudis, what the hell is going on?

Peter Lizdas, Merced