Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor | Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018

VA must correct egregious error

This semester, veterans enrolled in colleges across the country have brought up issues about receiving payments from the Veterans Administration. For months the VA has either delayed or given the wrong amounts under the GI Bill. Now after months of waiting the VA has told Congress they’re not planning to make retroactive payments to veterans – meaning they’ve shortchanged them on benefits. The VA is blaming a computer error for underpayments. This is unacceptable. If there’s one thing Congress should be able to fix it’s this.

Kyle Hamilton, Merced

Your drivel is simply shameful

Re “Looking for signs of the Apocalypse amid devastating wildfires” (Page 7B, Nov. 24): The Merced Sun-Star published a a shallow and thoughtless screed from a UC Merced lecturer that made sweeping, superficial and incorrect assumptions – assuming all of Malibu is Kim and Kanye.

As a retiree and volunteer operator of KBUU/Radio Malibu, I love it when stereotypes and errors pass for fact from yet another expert. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are two of 13,000 people living in Malibu. Just up the hill is a woman living in a 25-year-old SUV that won’t start. Our volunteer fire brigade is bringing her hot water so she can eat Cup-a-Soup dinners.

If you’re riveted by stories of famous Malibu people losing their homes, that is a reflection on your shallowness and lack of awareness. Do a simple Google search or go to www.malibutimes.com to learn about the clothing exchanges, donations, acts of kindness and how people are surviving. Read about the 30 Malibu school teachers who lost their houses. Or, you can focus on what you like because it made you feel smart to create division.

Shame on you and shame on the Merced Sun-Star for allowing inaccurate information to masquerade as fact even in a column. Shame on UC Merced for employing a lecturer who would spout such drivel.

Hans Laetz, news director, KBUU-FM, Malibu