Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 29, 2018 | Time to rethink re-use of Castle

Castle is rotting; rethink its use

Merced County pays GLD Partners for advice on how to develop the local economy and Castle Airport. From 2013 to 2018, Merced County has paid GLD Partners $961,000 for razor-sharp ideas like creating the “manufacturing hub of the Central Valley” and developing a “rail cargo logistics hub.” The Castle Property still looks like weeds, rodents and broken glass, but www.gldpartners.com paints a picture of it as more prosperous than Hollywood and Las Vegas combined. Their website includes descriptions such as:

▪ “Sector expertise and supply chain iintellegence,”

▪ “Demand-centric market requirements platform,”

▪ “Port-centric business” with “hands-on experience in global supply chains.”

I have studied GLD’s website and do not see any evidence they have made a dime for their clients. We need to manage Castle like Sacramento County manages the former McClellan and Mather air bases – creating economic gold mines. Encourage real estate buyers and renters rather than running them off. It’s better to “just fill spaces” than to let valuable real estate fall into ruin then have to demolish the remains.

Robert Burgess, Merced

Appreciate all the votes you cast

I have congratulated Sen. Ted Gaines on his victory in our race for a seat on the state Board of Equalization (BOE). We both ran clean campaigns across the 30 counties which comprise District 1. Our campaign came up a little short (51.4 percent to 48.6), but I am grateful to the 1,355,782 people who voted for me. I am particularly proud of being the first Democratic BOE candidate to win Merced County since 1998. Thank you to all who supported my common-sense, Central Valley message.

Tom Hallinan, Ceres