Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Monday, Dec. 31, 2018 | Porges family make us all better

Porges family has made us all better

At Stanislaus Community Foundation we work daily with local community members who lift our region through their philanthropy. One of the brightest lights among our donor partners is the Porges family, who recently sold their longtime company, Prime Shine Express Car Wash.

As businessmen, Evan and Norm Porges are known for their marketing acumen, commitment to employees and for building a culture of excellence through customer service. Most importantly, they extended their business skills into a broader mission to support our community. They donated car wash coupons to countless fundraisers, committed their support of Stanislaus State’s Champions of the American Dream program, supported Memorial Medical Center’s newly launched Heart and Vascular Institute and made numerous contributions to almost every nonprofit in our region.

Even as Prime Shine grew, Evan and Norm committed time alongside their financial support by serving on multiple nonprofit Boards, including Stanislaus Community Foundation. They asked great questions and pushed for bold thinking and smart solutions. They have made – and continue to make – all of us better.

Even as Prime Shine comes under new ownership, the Porges family will continue their commitment to serving Stanislaus County and the Central Valley. Their strategic approach to civic leadership and philanthropy will benefit our community for many generations to come.

Marian Kaanon, President and CEO, Stanislaus Community Foundation, Modesto

Why do we need 8 pot shops here?

The Modesto City Council displayed a pathetic lack of leadership in approving eight pot dispensaries. Four of these permitted pot business will be along McHenry Avenue with three clustered between Orangeburg and Needham avenues, burdening the area with problems that are sure to arise.

Councilwoman Jenny Kenoyer wants neighbors near these dispensaries to refrain from “throwing rocks” unless things don’t work out and “it’s really bad.” Only then, apparently, will complaints be warranted.

Why should residents and business owners have to wait until property theft escalates, vagrancy blossoms and traffic becomes a nightmare? The Ad Hoc Cannabis Committee and City Council owed it to the community to find a way to prevent the placement of so many dispensaries along one street with three in such close proximity to one another.

But Modesto’s welfare evidently wasn’t on the council agenda. Councilmember Kristi Ah You recused herself because of her involvement with a McHenry Avenue business. She presumably didn’t feel the viewpoints of her constituents warranted her vote.

Patricia Reynolds, Modesto