Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, Jan. 1, 2019 | Homeless make Walmart a scary place

Homeless people make Walmart a scary place to visit

We now have a tent city at the corner of Highway 59 and Santa Fe Drive. Is this why it is scary to shop at Walmart? We have issues now – shoplifting, crime and being assaulted while shopping. Where is our protection? I am not saying all homeless are dangerous, but a certain element is and it is scary.

What is the county and city doing about this? I literally watched a homeless man walk through Walmart security with a 5-inch knife hanging from his pants and a beanie with the tag still on it. The poor employee at the exit saw it, but looked too terrified to say anything. Is this what Merced has become?

Dawna Gierman, Merced

Making democracy stronger is top job

House Democrats are preparing legislation for the first day of Congress, Jan. 3, that could limit big money in politics, empower voters and block members of Congress from serving on corporate boards. The first bill often denotes the top legislative priority, and HR 1 indicates the new majority prioritizes strengthening our democracy. I hope our government will pass this bill without watering it down and ensure we are all represented, included and protected.

Last November, voters demanded that public elections serve the voters. Small cities and big cities across the country passed measures that reformed gerrymandering, expanded voting rights and took on corruption. Now it’s time for the federal government to act by empowering voters and getting money out of politics.

The details of this bill are still being sorted out and pundits are already dismissing its chances of passing the Senate. Regardless, I hope Rep. Jim Costa will support this package. Every American deserves fairness in every election, in every law passed and in every decision made. I have called Costa’s office to voice my support for HR1; I hope others will do the same.

Kim Williams, Merced