Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, Jan. 5, 2019 | Want to fight drug abuse? Build the wall

If wall will stop drugs, then build it

Arguing that more drugs come into this country through air and sea than over the border, so therefore a wall is a waste of money, is the same as having a cottonmouth hanging off one arm and a rattlesnake hanging from the other then debating which is more poisonous and removing neither.

Our mothers, fathers and children are dying. The number of deaths related to illegal drug overdoses in 2016 exceeded all Americans killed in the entirety of the Vietnam War. So what is a wall worth? Over 70,000 Americans likely died this year. The trend has spiraled upward in the last few years and shows no end to ever higher numbers. In 1999 there were “only” 16,000 deaths. If the wall stopped 1 percent of the deaths in America over a one year period that is 700 lives.

Seven-hundred mothers, fathers and children who will not face the agony and pain of a lost family member. Add to that the associative deaths related to gang and cartel killings as well as the threat to our beloved law enforcement officers and anything less than a wall is an assault on us all. Build the wall.

Dan McLeod, Merced