Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 26, 2019 | I knew Cary Stayner; he must pay for his crimes

I have no sympathy for old pal Stayner

Re “One brother saved a boy; one brother killed 4 women” (Front Page, Jan. 23): What can I say? I was friends with Cary Stayner in the early ’80s and ’90s. I was on the camping trip with Cary when he heard about Steven’s return. Since Cary admitted his heinous crimes, I wonder why he still sits on death row. The cost of keeping a convicted killer, sentenced to death, are upward of $90,000 a year. Why does the state keep those who confess their guilt alive? It saddens me that the victims’ families are gone and the murderer remains alive, rent free eating three meals a day. So much is wrong with the business of prisons.

Greg McLaughlin, Merced

Congress doesn’t need Trump’s OK

A question regarding the government shutdown: The Senate overwhelmingly approved a spending bill that President Trump initially said he would sign. If the House were to vote and pass the same bill with more than two-thirds approval, could not the Congress open up government without the president’s approval by overriding his veto?

Raymond Wilson, Atwater

Editor’s note: Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have passed legislation to fund the government. Only the Senate needs to vote to override a presidential veto, but not enough Republicans will vote for the override.