Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 29, 2019 | A tale of Humpty and his pal Nancy

Humpty, Dumpty just don’t get it

A poem for Chuck (aka Humpty) and Nancy (aka Dumpty):

Humpty and Dumpty sat on a wall. / Humpty and Dumpty will have a great fall. / All of Trumps sources, and all of his men, / couldn’t talk sense into either of them.

He tried to tell them / in the end they would fall, / but they just sat there, continuing to stall.

He wanted to give an executive order, / to protect citizens from south of the border. / But they want to protect illegal free loaders, / to win the election and gain all the voters. / They can talk all they want, and spew all their lies, / just get off the wall, so no one else dies.

Warren Brown, Merced

Too rich to care about workers

Trump administration Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has suggested that furloughed, unpaid government workers should take out bank loans to pay expenses during the government shutdown. Sterling idea! Nothing like taking out a loan – plus interest – to pay for food and rent when government workers – many of whom, like TSA workers, were actually working without pay, and should be receiving their paychecks.

This money is coming from private banks and their wealthy investors, who received substantial tax cuts from a Republican Congress in 2017, and a president who canceled a 2.1 percent federal pay raise for 2019, saying it was too expensive.

Apparently, Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are willing to hold federal employees – and the American people – hostage to political ideology. Trump says he needs a wall to protect America, but most people arriving at the border are either looking for work or political asylum – not to commit murder. Those few entering with evil intent would best be deterred by hiring more border agents – not building an unmanned and expensive wall.

Steve Bantly, Merced