Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 2, 2019 | How much land would you give up for a wall?

Wall looking like the bullet train

When the wall is built between America and Mexico, it will have to built entirely on U.S. property – effectively ceding the land south of the wall to Mexico. This would include the entire Rio Grande River, part of Big Bend National Park and thousands of acres of American private property. To protect that property would take thousands of Border Patrol personnel. Why aren’t things like that being considered? Doesn’t anybody care?

Add to that all the legal problems and cost increases, and the boondoggles of the high-speed rail in California comes to mind.

Henry DuPertuis, Merced

Show some love to foster children

Especially on Valentine’s Day, many of us think of love and want to demonstrate our affection for loved ones. Though children in foster care usually have parents who love them, these parents are frequently unable to show their love or even to act as protective and safe parents. The children love their parents as well, and grieve that they, for their own safety, cannot be with them.

Studies show feeling loved and cared for is crucial in a child’s brain development, and when children must go into foster care, this bond is broken.

There are volunteers in our community who advocate for these innocent children; who get to know them, and provide reports to the juvenile court judges so the children can (hopefully) be reunified with their parents. Court Appointed Special Advocates are recruited and trained by CASA of Merced County then matched with a foster child. Not only do CASA volunteers give children one-on-one attention, they also collaborate with professionals working on the child’s case, determine what is in their best interest and share their findings in court. Change a foster child’s life. Share your love. Become a CASA volunteer and help a child receive the love and support he or she needs for cognitive development and to form bonds that last a lifetime.

Nancy Young-Bergman, Merced