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The Monterey County Herald: Our list of wishes

If you're like most people, you find yourself becoming more generous, more filled with the spirit, as Christmas approaches. Maybe it's because the Christmas music that seemed like glorified advertising a few weeks ago finally seems to represent something deeper. Maybe it's the eggnog. Whichever, we, like many of you, find ourselves in a giving mood and are finally ready to bestow our warmest Christmas wishes.

Our list is long, so we should begin before deflation renders them entirely worthless: To the state Legislature: Either $40 billion or the strength to make a decision.

To the schools: A budget stable enough to support the status quo at the very, very least.

To Gov. Schwarzenegger: A Hollywood comeback.

To the automakers: A lesson in German engineering and Japanese marketing.

To the old president: Lots of brush to clear.

To Dick Cheney: A one-way ticket home.

To the new president: You seem to have everything you need, so just some good luck.

To Illinois voters: Some sense.

To local retailers: A last-minute rush.

To the real estate industry: 4.2 percent interest.

To the tourism industry: More nice weather.

To California American Water: Less nice weather.

To the Monterey County Board of Supervisors: A general plan.

To Ila Mettee-McCutchon: A happy retirement.

To Jane Parker: A long honeymoon.

To Bruce Delgado: A wallet-sized list of campaign promises to carry with you everywhere.

To the Monterey City Council: Consensus.

To the Seaside City Council: Confidence.

To the Marina City Council: Collegiality.

To the Carmel City Council: Change.

To the Pacific Grove City Council: A city manager.

To the Salinas City Council: A police chief as effective as Dan Ortega.

To the people of Salinas: Peace.