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Daily Times-Call, Longmont, Colo.: Cabinet nominees and taxes

When Timothy Geithner, the nation's new Treasury secretary, disclosed that he had erred in his tax preparation, many were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But this past week, the nation has seen two more nominees of President Barack Obama get tripped up because of errors in their tax filings.

Most notable was that of Health and Human Services nominee Tom Daschle. The former South Dakota senator revealed that he had not declared as income years' worth of subsidized transportation.

Nancy Killefer, the president's choice for a new position called the "performance czar," had issues with paying the employment taxes on her hired help.

And the husband of Hilda Solis, the president's choice for secretary of labor, had tax issues that have come to light in the past few days.

Such a long list of people who have had problems filing their taxes underscores a few things: that many people are baffled by the complexities of the tax system, or more likely, that they use those complexities to try to hide their assets.