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Marysville Appeal- Democrat: Getting sensible about free trade

President Obama's visit to Canada was notable for the ever-so-slight undercurrents of uneasiness between two countries that have enjoyed generally amicable relations over the sometimes touchy issue of trade.

Obama made foolish comments during the presidential campaign about seeking to renegotiate or even abrogate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

And Congress inserted a "Buy American" provision into the infrastructure section of the recently passed "stimulus" spending bill.

To his credit, President Obama urged Congress to stipulate that any such provisions would not be applied in a way that violated existing trade agreements.

And he has backed away from his campaign comments to such an extent that he almost sounded like an apostle of free trade during last week's visit to Canada, which is by far America's largest trading partner.

We trust he maintains his newer, more realistic attitude on trade between our two countries.