The votes are in and the Sun-Star Player of the Week for Week 8 is...?

The votes are all in. After close to 18,000 votes were cast, the fans voted Los Banos senior Justin Incaprera as the Merced Sun-Star Football Player of the Week for Week 8.

Incaprera ran wild in the Tigers’ 34-33 win over Johansen. Incaprera finished with 33 carries for 271 yards and five touchdowns.

Incaprera received close to 61 percent of the votes, finishing with 11,295 votes.

Le Grand quarterback Aaron Martinez finished second with 7,090 votes.

The other nominees were Atwater running back Charles Jackson and Golden Valley running back Jabari Phillips.

We caught up with Incaprera on Thursday night.

Los Banos High School running back, Justin Incaprera rushes for a 64-yard touchdown in the third quarter Friday night, Aug. 30, 2019 against Hilmar High School. Gene Lieb

Sun-Star: You received over 10,000 votes. What does it mean to get that many votes?

Incaprera: “It means a lot. I shows I have a lot of supporters out there. It feels good to know.”

Sun-Star: How many people were updating you on how you were doing in the poll?

Incaprera: “I had a couple people telling me. A lot of people at school knew about it because I had a lot of people at school voting for me.”

Sun-Star: You guys started 0-4 this season and have won the last three games. What has changed the last three weeks for you guys?

Incaprera: “Our quarterback (Colby Copp) is getting things together. Everything is clicking. The team has bonded. Everything is just going well.”

Sun-Star: If you were stranded on an island and could only eat one thing, what would your one thing be?

Incaprera: “Pizza, because it’s just my favorite food.”

Sun-Star: Crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

Incaprera: “Creamy all the way.”

Sun-Star: If you’re not playing or practicing football, what would we find you doing?

Incaprera: “You would either find me doing homework or something for school. School and football is pretty much all I do.”

Sun-Star: It’s your third year playing varsity. How is different for you now that it’s your senior year?

Incaprera: “I was able to come in knowing what to expect. I have a lot more experience. I’m trying to get everything out of this year. It’s my last year. I’m hoping to get something out of it.”