Surdich on Bowling: USBC closes book on Allison’s perfect 900

The United States Bowling Congress recently upheld its decision to stand by the ruling that denied Glenn Allison the 900 series he rolled 32 years ago.

His remarkable feat in July 1982 at La Habra would have been the first perfect series ever recorded. After an inspection of the lanes, the American Bowling Congress, the USBC’s predecessor organization, ruled they weren’t compliant.

“The bowling community is very passionate about this issue and we heard calls from a diverse group of voices asking the USBC to re-consider Glenn Allison’s award,” USBC President Andrew Cain said. “The USBC Board of Directors has reviewed all historical documents on two separate occasions. While USBC has the highest respect and admiration for Glenn Allison, we can’t turn back the hand of time and change the rules in 1982.”

A federal court would later uphold the ABC’s ruling. The issue centered on the lanes not being properly oiled, according to several media reports.

Cain, in a story published last month by the USBC’s Terry Bigham, said it was time to move on.

“Any official change to Glenn Allison’s 900 would also impact thousands of scores in that era,” Cain said. “As a National Governing Body with a legal responsibility to enforce rules uniformly, we simply can’t re-write history for one score and apply a different standard more than 30 years later. ...

“Glenn Allison is a living legend and a Hall of Famer who will always be known not only for his bowling talents, but the incredible class he displays as an ambassador for our sport. While this decision may not be the outcome some people hoped for, I ask that we can all come together and respect the conclusion. It is time to close this chapter and move forward.”

When a bowler comes into a bowling center for an ABC-sanctioned league, he comes in good faith. He’s paid his dues. I feel he should be sanctioned automatically. If something is wrong, the ABC should punish the bowling center, not the bowlers.

New Year’s event – It’s time to sign up for McHenry Bowl’s New Year party on Dec. 31. It features a nine-pin, no-tap senior tournament with money shot out of colored head pins during the day. It starts with a catered light buffet lunch at 11:30 a.m. with bowling at 12:30 p.m. The cost is $30 and includes the lunch, party favors, prizes and champagne or sparkling cider. There’s also high-game side pots for $3. Cost is $15 for non-bowlers. They’ll ring in the new year at 3 p.m., which is midnight in Paris. Email me if you’re interested in going.

Updated standings – There have been a few changes in the standings in the ongoing 45th annual Cal-State Seniors in Modesto. As of Tuesday, Team No. 218 dropped from a tie for second into a tie for fourth. Team No. 24 dropped from 40th to off the leaderboard. Roger Ross is in 35th place in the A singles, and Charles Mook is 40th in B singles.

In the B doubles, Mook and Tom McBride dropped from sixth to seventh. Johnel Maryland has dropped to 39th place in the A all-events. Tom Brewer has dropped off from 40th in the C all-events. I think that verification of averages has made a big different in the standings.

World Series of Bowling – The first of seven weeks of the World Series of Bowling kicks off with the Professional Bowling Association’s Cheetah Championships Sunday at 10 a.m. on ESPN.

Don Surdich is the Sun-Star's bowling columnist and can be reached at (209) 777-1111 or via e-mail at


Dawn Fernandez 236, Kim Heller 237, Barbara Bustos 212, DeAnna Riley 198, Karen Hunter 181, Jerry Hill 244, Ronnie Gonzales 235, Bob Weimer 193, Sharon Roper 179, Andy Davis 174, Renee Danel 195, Sharon Roper 179,


Ray Mayfield 581, Kim Heller 591, Ruben Ruiz 614, Dawn Fernandez 616, Jess Ramirez 646, Gene Broussard 646, Larry Valenti Jr. 647, Neill Barcellos 714.