High School Football

You voted and the Merced Sun-Star Football Player of the Week winner is...?

We put the spotlight on the defensive side of the ball this week by nominating four defensive players in our Sun-Star Football Player of the Week online poll.

The votes are in and Los Banos linebacker Andrew Borrego was the run-away winner. The Tigers senior received over 55 percent of the 53,646 total votes, finishing with 30,130 votes.

Borrego recorded a sack, recovered a fumble and came away with an interception in the Tigers’ 56-14 win over Ceres last week.

Golden Valley’s Zack Fernandez finished second with 11,734 votes and Merced’s Alfonso Gary placed third with 9,719 votes. Buhach Colony’s Jacob Tanorri was the other defensive nominee.

We took some time to get to know Borrego on Thursday.

Question: You received over 30,000 votes. What does it mean to you that that many people were voting for you?

Borrego: “To me it means we have a great community and we all come together to support each other. I’d like to thank all my teammates, coaches, friends, teachers and family who voted for me. I had a lot of people voting for me and it means a lot to me.”

Question: Los Banos started out 0-4, and now have won your last four games. What has changed in the last four weeks?

Borrego: “We’ve been more focused and we’ve been more motivated. The team has just bonded together the last four weeks. It’s like a brotherhood out there.”

Question: Four out of the last five games, the Los Banos defense has held teams to 17 points or less? What makes this defense click?

Borrego: “Our coaches put in a game plan and they make it simple for us. We’re motivated to work hard and we put in the time. It’s been showing up on Fridays. We’re working as a team.”

Question: If you’re not playing football, what would we find you doing?

Borrego: “You’d probably find me working on baseball or working on football with my coaches. If not, I’m doing my homework. The only time I sit around and watch TV is on Sundays and that’s only because I’m watching football.”

Question: If you were stranded on an island, and could only eat one thing, what would your one thing be?

Borrego: “I’d have to go with a cheeseburger. That’s a classic right there.”

Question: Crunchy or creamy peanut butter?

Borrego: “I have to go with creamy peanut butter. I love that stuff.”

Question: You have Lathrop this week. If you win that sets up a showdown against Pacheco in the final week of the season in which you guys could be playing for a share of the WAC championship. How tough is it not to look ahead to that matchup?

Borrego: “We’ve been taking it one game at a time. That’s what we’ve been doing the last four weeks and it’s been working. We’re not focused on the future, we’re focused on right now. I think that’s why we’ve been winning more games.”