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Up Your Alley: Giordano perfect again

Don Surdich

The Merced-Atwater 500 club will be hosting its annual holiday no-tap doubles at Castle Lanes at 2 p.m. Sunday. Members may bring a guest -- man or woman -- to bowl and the entry is only $18 per person.

Check-in will end 30 minutes before the squad time. Participants are asked to bring a gift -- with a value of $5 to $10 -- to receive one. There will be finger foods for the bowlers.

As bowlers from Bellevue Bowl know, the lanes have been a little squirrely since the center purchased new oil for the lanes.

Head lane mechanic, Mike Giordano had no such problems in the Guys & Dolls on Tuesday night as he rolled his fourth perfecto of his career.

He started out slowly with a 172, followed with a 252 and then his 300. Giordano said that he normally plays outside, around the 10 board. This night, he went deep, standing around the 26 board and swinging out to the 15 board and back. It must have worked.

Did you know, if you bowl your first 600 or 700 series in any of the Merced County USBC Association leagues, you will be awarded a plaque for your efforts.

According to manager Keith Hunter, it has to be your first time with a series only.

So, if your roll one in your league, make sure to tell your league secretary to forward the scores and dates to Hunter.

The gals took the spotlight during the Thanksgiving break, as the following rolled some great games: Courtney Dahlin 199, Rose Galli 202, Diane Sousa 203, Julie Wescott 207, Peggy Docherty 222 and Sharee Frazier a 230.

On the same note, Don Belden from Los Banos, bowling in the Monday Night Merchants rolled his first-ever triplicate score of 148 for a 444 series. He will receive an award from USBC for his gem.

Tomorrow is your last chance to qualify for the year-end Tournament of Champions to be held at Yosemite Lanes in Modesto on Dec. 28. The lanes are holding their last scratch six-gamer at noon with check-in at 11 a.m. Entry fee is $80. In the Tournament of Champions, 12 of the 24 bowlers will cash with first place money being $1,000. Bowlers will be rolling on the "new" PBA Cheetah pattern.

Silver Foxes club members are looking for partners for next Saturday's doubles action at K.C. Bowl in Hanford.

The event has a special starting time of 1 p.m and entry fee is $70 per team. Entries cutoff at 12:45 p.m.

There's been another loss in our bowling community as Andy Work, 78, passed on Monday.

Longtime bowlers will remember Andy as the head mechanic at both Century and Bellevue Bowls for years after retiring from the Air Force. He was a tall and friendly competitor. He will be laid to rest at 2 p.m. on Monday at the San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery at Santa Nella.

Don Surdich is the Sun-Star's bowling columnist. He can be reached at (209) 777-1111 or e-mail at

Scoring leaders

Matt Walker 210, John Nunes 236, Ron Burch 232, Rick Swanzy 229, Roger Ross 215, Jess Donohue 207, Jay McEntire 243, Keith Docherty 240 Gene Frazier 258, Bryan Wenger 257, Lee Young 247, Dennis Barcellos 234, Brian Hickman 266, Ken Schmitz 242, Brian Brandis 267, Taylor Meza 247, Nathan Mazon 203.

Series leaders

Julie Wescott 560, Courtney Dahlin 572, Matt Walker 576, Brian Brandis 605, Ken Schmitz 654, Taylor Meza 658, Keith Docherty 678, Jay McEntire 692, Brian Hickman 713, Mike Giordano 723.