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Surdich on Bowling: Chaney, Ollenborger win doubles

Robert Chaney and Lance Ollenborger were part of 26 doubles teams that rolled in the Associations Doubles tournament at Bellevue Bowl last Saturday. They rolled a handicap score of 1,587 to run away with the championship. Chaney rolled a scratch 635 and Ollenborger a 618.

The win was worth $285. Coming in second was the husband and wife duo of Bruce and Julie Wescott with a 1,535 – good for $230. In third place were Ronnie Gonzales and David King with a 1,522 for $174. High game for the tournament was rolled by Ryan Szirake with a 288.

Up next for the association is their annual Bowler to Veterans Link (BVL) fund raiser with all proceeds going to veterans in California. It will be held on Nov. 16 at 1 p.m. Hope to see you there for the vets.

League highlights – Geneva White, who carries a 119 average, rolled a super 210 game in the Bellevue Seniors. In the same league, Cindy Souza rolled her first career 500 series with a 506, with a high game of 187. In the Central Valley Nisei league, Sylvia Giordano rolled her first 600 series, with a 601.

In the Monday Night Merchants, Val Pemman rolled a 184 with a 119 average. We have to welcome Adam Barden back to bowling. He was subbing in the Classic on Wednesday and rolled a 235 for a 648 after a long layoff. Also in the Classic was Mark Moua, rolling his first 700 series with games of 247, 211 and a 243 for a 703. He rolls with a two-handed release and does not use his thumb. He gets a lot of revs. His previous high series was a 672.

42nd Invitational no-tap singles – The Merced/Atwater Women’s 500 Club is hosting their annual 9-pin Singles No-Tap sponsored by Budweiser on Nov. 2 at 1:30 p.m. Budweiser has guaranteed an additional $100 to the first place winner of each three divisions. When the women bowlers check-in they will receive a red Budweiser bowling towel, which is limited to the first 60 women entering the tournament.

The event will have a super raffle, 50/50 drawing, door prizes, and a buffet lunch. There is no charge for the buffet for the ladies, but guests are $5. Division winners will receive plaques compliments of Budweiser. Entry fee is $25 and entry forms are available at Bellevue. Entering averages with be the highest 2013-2014 USBC winter book. Contact Kristen Weimer for more information at (209) 394-1705.

NuBall association special – The NuBall rejuvenator company now has a limited price on their unit, a special for our association members. It is only $189.95 and for our seniors it is $135.

All the balls now have a porous surface, which give the balls traction. They hook, hit harder and mix up the pins. The pores become clogged with lane oil and dust. NuBall brings new life to your ball by removing the oil and dirt.

A couple of members purchased the NuBall at the Hall of Fame dinner this year. Jim Mullings said, “The unit is constant in the way it removes the oil from by ball. After an hour, oil is all over the ball, not just in the bottom cup. All the oil comes to the surface of the cover stock. Just wipe it off and your ready to go. It works great.”

Dennis Gray told me, “I put my ball in the unit for 40 minutes, wipe off the oil and put it back for another 40 minutes. I wipe it down, add cleaner and polish and it is ready to go. It depends on the cover stock on how much oil covers the ball. I love it.”

They both like the unit because it sets up easily. It is small and compact, so it doesn’t take up much room. To order the unit, call (971) 238-2695. It is shipped free to your home.

Bad Ass ball – Hammer Bowling has come out with a ball for the bowlers who think they are a “bad ass” shooters. The Bad Ass is coming out and it is for medium oil with a new carbon fiber that is added to the outer core. It comes in 12 to 16 pounds and is the first ball to be “Rated R.” Check with Sean McCulloch for more information on this new ball and others at the Bellevue’s pro-shop.