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Surdich on Bowling: 500 Club hosting tourney Sunday

The Merced/Atwater Women’s 500 Club is hosting its 42nd annual 9-pin no-tap singles invitational sponsored by Budweiser at 1:30 p.m. Sunday and is open to all California 500 club members.

Budwesier has guaranteed an additional $100 to the first-place winners of each three divisions. . Division A is for those who score 160 and above, Division B is 148 to 159, and Division C is 147 and below.

When women bowlers check in, they will receive a red Budweiser bowling towel which is limited to the first 60 entrants. The event will have a super raffle, 50/50 drawing, door prizes and a buffet lunch. There is no charge for the buffet for the ladies, $5 for guests.

Divisions winners will also will receive plaques, compliments of Budweiser. Entry fees are $25 and you will be using your 2013-14 USBC winner book average. Contact Kristen Weimer for more information at (209) 394-1705 or to reserve a spot in the Invitational.

League highlights

Doug Laidlaw was close to another 800 series in the Central Valley Nisei league Thursday night as he rolled back-to-back 279 games, his third game was a 192 for a 750 set. Laidlaw has rolled two 800s but never a 300.

In the Friday Night Handicap, Miranda Lewis rolled her first sanctioned 500 series, a 531. In the Classic, Andre Brice picked up the 5-7 split twice. Mike Robins rolled two 700s last week. A 701 in the Guys & Dolls and a 703 in the Classic.

Allison update

The appeal that was submitted to the United States Bowling Congress on Glenn Allison’s 900 series he rolled in 1982 is still being considered for approval as the first sanctioned 900 series.

A large amount of evidence was submitted to verify his feat. According to Andrea Werren, General Manger of La Habra 300 Bowl in La Habra, where he scored his 900 with a Columbia plastic ball, helped write his appeal.

If you had chance to read my column on Allison’s 900, you know there was a mixup by the American Bowling Congress officials who inspected the lanes.

The Allison 900 reminded me of my friend Ken Stover, who rolled back-to-back 300 games at Bellevue Bowl, but apparently the games did not meet ABC specs at the time.

I spoke with Gene Frazier who was a Stover teammate. Frazier said he rolled a 264 in his first game. He did not think the lanes were blocked, a term used at that time. If everything would have been approved, Stover would have set the association record for high series with an 865. Ken Romer holds that title, as he rolled an 855 in 1975.


Instead of the USBC Open every year, why not eight national regional championships? I was talking recently to Jason Walton of Bowling Outfitters at Modesto’s McHenry Bowlabout the price of air travel to Reno. It seems each year the Open loses more men and women bowlers participants.

He said a new format including regional championships in the East, South, Central, Midwest, Southwest, West, Northwest and Japan would generate more interest. The winners in each division would receive a paid entry from USBC including travel expenses and hotel accommodations to the National Bowling Stadium in Reno for a championship roll-off.

BVL tourney

Brightening Veteran Lives is what happens when our local association holds its annual Bowling to Veterans Link tournament with all the proceeds going to our state’s vets. The date this year is Nov. 16. The state finals for 2015 for the Helen Duval Veterans tournament will be held at McHenry Bowl in Modesto on March 21.

Remember when

▪ John Sundgren had a high series of 660 and Eric Hickman a high game of 236 in the Tuesday Night Handicap at Century Bowl.

▪ Also, in the same league, Frank Gasper with a 191 average and Dick Puglizevich with a 168 average.

▪ In 2000, the Tuesday Mixer at Castle Lanes in Atwater had Jack Bryant with a 457 series, Tony Vuong a 492, and Mike Fenton a 225 game.

Don Surdich is a Sun-Star correspondent. He can be reached at (209) 777-1111 or via e-mail at

SCORING LEADERS: Otto Aschbacher 155, Jeff Stout 279, Phyllis Wallbaum 177, Jim Souza 172, Ryan Larimer 216, Jess Donohue 181, Victor Segoviano 179, Jim Hamilton 198, Christina Perez 205, Roy Browning 205, Bo Petty 159, John Lema 191, Don Kendrick 230, Ofelia Aguino 190, Gayle Sagin 181, Bill Simpson 187, Louis Cantaloube 190, Kristen Weimer 201, Bob Nush 192, Mary Ickes 190, Manuel Salazar 216, Laura Ruell 223, Caren Thompson 256, Allen Layton 149, Phillip Oldenhage 159, Tom Ragsdale 203, Richard Pazin 245, Andy Davis 204.

SERIES LEADERS: Karen Hunter 460, Connie Heil 488, Barbara Graves 500, Rose Galli 536, Peggy Docherty 586, Dave Porter 588, Roger Ross 592, John Neidhardt 603, Bruce Ingraham 625, Paul Merrill 630, Stout 675, Sean McCulloch 719, Hugh Gray 719, Mike Danel 726, Larry Valenti Jr. 768.