Letters to the Editor

Mary Ann Reynolds: We need less condemnation and more caring for those in need

Re “No sympathy for those here illegally” (Letters, Feb. 22): The insensitivity of this letter annoys me. Does the writer really think the 11 million undocumented immigrants in America wanted to come here illegally? Does he know how long and expensive it is to get a work visa. It can take years and more money than most will ever have. But if you are a wealthy foreigner able to buy property, the immigration process magically moves along quite quickly.

Most undocumented immigrants and their families are good people, wanting what we all want – a comfortable and safe life. To have no sympathy for them reflects a lack of caring and understanding. There is a deep fear that ICE agents will suddenly appear and deport loved ones. Under the current administration this is not an irrational fear.

We have to fix our immigration system. Havig 11 million undocumented immigrants tells me this should be our first priority. It also tells me it’s been broken for so long because many of us are benefiting from its disrepair.

We need to find a humane way to allow those here to become citizens, so they no longer have to live in fear of having their families torn apart.

Mary Ann Reynolds, Merced