Letters to the Editor

Re-elect Jim Price? The Atwater mayor should resign now

Price should resign, not be re-elected

We have all heard the promises politicians make when they want to keep their jobs. If elected, budgets will be balanced, taxes will be lowered. Here in Atwater, Mayor Jim Price is running for re-election.

Four years ago, he said city employees would return to full-time employment. Yet, years later, they remain on furlough. He promised to eliminate the general fund deficit. It’s now $2.4 million. He said he would fix our streets. We’re still dodging potholes.

He promised integrity. Yet he and mayor pro-tem Jim Vineyard have blatantly underminded law by disclosing confidential employee information. They have conspired and disclosed sensitive information out of closed session, a violation of the government code known as the Brown Act.

Mayor Price has failed miserably to deliver on his promises. He lacks integrity and that makes him unfit to continue as our mayor. This man is a continuous embarrassment to Atwater and should resign immediately!

Lori Johnson, Atwater

What goes around does come around

Re “Democrats denying judge due process” (Letters, Sept. 27): It’s funny. I thought our constitution was designed to protect us from the kind of people who denied President Obama his final Supreme Court choice during his last year in office because they didn’t like the moderate judge he picked ... oh, wait! That’s the same thing those pesky Democrats are trying to do now! Does the old hippie standby “What goes around, comes around” hold a little more emotional context for you now?

Connie Warren, Merced